Todd Davies


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Here are most of the notes that I made while studying for various exams. I'm currently studying for a masters degree in Politics and Technology, and my notes should appear here when I've finished courses.

Previous notes from my GCSE, A-level and Bachelors level examinations are here too. Please double check all information in them whilst revising, there's no guarantee that they are correct.

Total downloads: 45356.

Politics and Technology
NameCourse codeDownloads
Introduction to Politics, Technology and SustainabilityPOL40100182
Climate Politics Term Paper: Environmental governance in the corporate sector of the United StatesPOL23300156
Comparative Politics: Fundamentals (flashcards)POL10500140
Comparative Politics: FundamentalsPOL10500108
Politics for Rocket ScientistsPOL0001157
Emerging Technologies and International Security Literature Review: Conceptualizations of 5GPOL6130547
Emerging Technologies and International Security Literature Review: Hybrid Warfare TacticsPOL6130532
Third Year
NameCourse codeDownloads
Advanced Algorithms ICOMP361121450
AI & GamesCOMP341201059
Natural Language SystemsCOMP344111058
Advanced Algorithms IICOMP36212827
Chip MultiprocessorsCOMP35112730
Second Year
NameCourse codeDownloads
Operating SystemsCOMP251112232
Algorithms and Imperative Programming; Semester ICOMP261211895
Machine LearningCOMP241111879
System ArchitectureCOMP252121777
Algorithms & Imperative Programming; Semester IICOMP262121708
Distributed ComputingCOMP281121629
Mobile SystemsCOMP285121389
Software Engineering Semester 1 FlashcardsCOMP234211284
An Introduction to Current Topics in Biology FlashcardsUCOL20882480
First Year
NameCourse codeDownloads
Fundamentals of Computer ArchitectureCOMP151112244
Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science; Semester ICOMP111201869
Fundamentals of Distributed Systems FlashcardsCOMP181121795
Fundamentals of ComputationCOMP112121788
Fundamentals of Computer EngineeringCOMP121111736
Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science; Semester IICOMP111201562
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence FlashcardsCOMP141121360
NameCourse codeDownloads
Mechanics 1 (M1)M11069
Core 4 (C4); IntergrationC4804
A-Level BiologyBIOL(2|4|5)687
A-Level PhysicsG48(2|4|5)685
NameCourse codeDownloads
GCSE Geography; Human Geography90301758
GCSE Chemistry 344021097
GCSE Physics 344031024
GCSE Design Technology; Electronic Products4540818
GCSE Information Technology and CommunicationICT809
GCSE Biology 34401803