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UK Election 2019 Series - Intro


UK politics is incredibly complicated at the moment, dominated by a single issue (of course, Brexit), yet dogged by many others that in more normal times, could classify as era defining by themselves (think inequality, the climate crisis, possible break-up of The Union via Scottish independence, international affairs such as the war in Syria, etc).

But as the country is attempting to grapple with these problems, it has also become increasingly evident that are also problems with the UK's system of governance. The election in 2019 will be the third general election since 2015, during which time we also had two leadership contests within the incumbent Conservative party, three prime-ministers, and of course, one very big referendum. There have been extraordinary occurrences in Parliament, with MP's using both newly invented and almost forgotten political devices to try to hold an increasingly recalcitrant executive branch to account, making our lack of a written constitution increasingly apparent.

I'm not sure if it's sensible for me to try to speculate on why all this has come to pass, but I think it is fair game to look at the current political landscape as it stands today, and examine where each party might stand in the coming general election. So, I'm writing a series of blog posts looking at most political fractions inside the UK parliament from my perspective as an English voter. I intend it to be an analysis for myself as much as for anybody else; I'll need to make a decision on the 12th of December, and I'd like to make a considered one.

I'll take each major party that's running in England; that's the Conservative Party, the Labour party, the Liberal Democrat party, the Green Party and the Brexit party, and discuss how they stand in the coming election. Since I'm looking from an English perspective, I won't take into account parties from other countries, such as the SNP, the DUP, Plaid Cymru, etc.

The posts will appear below as I write them:

It's my first time writing content like this, and to be honest, my first time taking such an in-depth look at each party. I expect that to shine through in the content, though I hope that the end result will remain useful and that I learn a lot along the way.